As we all know SMS stands for Short Messaging Service, used in modern devices. It is also known as text messaging.

How can a text message help in business growth…?
In this technical era, everyone uses this magical device known as “Mobile”. When Your Company Name reflects on their Mobile, it will leave an impression in the mind of the receiver. Reaching your targetted audiences is easier through SMS Service. merely 90%-95% we can reach. Promoting your best offers & sales using SMS platform is very effective. It is not only suitable for Big brands its best option for the newly established small companies as well.
This platform will not only help you in “Promotions” but it can help you in “Transactions” also. You can remind your clients for Payments, Can send Alerts like Delays, Reservation, Confirmations etc

You Have The Power To Create Change”

How can an SMS Gateway Provider help?
An SMS Gateway Provider will facilitate the SMS traffic using different routes which can help clients in the smooth flow of their campaigns.

What is SMS API?
SMS Providers will integrated API in clients software, after which they don’t have to send SMS’s manually. Instead, these protocols allow the process of sending automated SMS’s.

What is a 2 Way SMS?
Enable 2-way SMS communication using a long code or keyword. When we receive an SMS on your dedicated long code, the provider will inform your applicationor to send the response you designated. Using these keywords, your customers can vote or ask information from your network or database instantly.

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