Ever heard of 'Good things come in small packages'

Well, SMS marketing is the best example of that in the marketing world. A finely planned and flawlessly executed SMS communication campaign can do big wonders to your business by boosting sales, creating brand awareness, and forming a legion of loyal customers.
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Our SMS Solutions have the following powerful features:

• Highly Scalable
• Reliable
• Priority Routing
• 2 WAY SMS Enabler
• WAP Push Proxy Gateway (PPG)
• OTA Provisioning Gateway With Device Management
• E-Mail to SMS or MMS Gateway
• Advance Spam Filter What kind of SMS Services can TechSoft Media provide

Here are the most common SMS solutions that TechSoft Media can provide

  • 1. Group Messaging

    Send thousands of SMS with one push of a button. Make your SMS completely customized and individualized through templates that can be deployed with simple instructions or notifications.

  • 2. Custom Sender ID

    Your company name or product can appear as your sender name in the country you prefer. We can work closely to ensure you get the required sender name to build your brand.

  • 3. SMS Software

    Use our desktop SMS software or Microsoft Excel Plug-ins to send SMS from your computer without the need to visit our website.

  • 4. SMS ON THE GO

    You won’t need the computer or internet to send your SMS campaigns or even to a long list of recipients. With our SMS infrastructure, you can send texts and messages in bulk right from your own mobile phone.


    You can even use your email to send SMS to a long list of mobile phone numbers. Our email to SMS client makes it easy to do all your work on your email with the least fuss and inconvenience.

  • 6. 2 WAY SMS (Keywords/ Shortcodes)

    Enable 2-way SMS communication using a long code or keyword. When we receive an SMS on your dedicated long code , TechSoft Media will inform your applicationor send the response you designated. Using these keywords, your customers can vote or ask information from your network or database instantly.

  • 7. API Integration

    Thousands of our clients have integrated our API into their applications to send alerts, notifications, confirmations and passcodes. Our flexible and powerful API works with almost any software application and major solutions like SAP and Oracle APPS. If you need a custom API , our engineers will build it to your specifications.

  • 8. Delivery Report

    Instantaneous and Dynamic delivery reports can tell you at any time how your SMS campaigns and programs are doing. You can even search or download reports for further analysis and transparent billing.

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